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DDPYoga and Acne


So, I recently started doing DDPYoga. You have probably seen it advertised online, on WWE and even on news channels. It has had some great results and is one of the more trusted programe for weight loss and getting your body back. I am a little overweight and suffer from a lot of back paid so yoga might help, I will report back in a few months with some info and what progress I see.

As for right now though, I will talk about my battle with acne. I have been plagued with acne for almost all of my teenage years and now into young adulthood. The acne is mostly around my face and neck and it is so annoying. I often have phases where it will start to calm and just as I think its going away BANG massive acne breakout.

Like ever teenager I hunted for how to get rid of my acne through treatments, drugs, natural treatments – everything. Recently I was directed to Exposed acne treatment as it is considered the best acne treatment available… I will be the judge of that! Unsurprisingly I had no real confidence in the product to begin with, by that point I was clutching at straws. So you can imagine my relief and joy that I can now declare myself as ACNE FREE. 12 years of having acne and for the last 2 months I have had no acne what so ever, other than some TINY (big letters for small pimples :)) spots.

The treatment is a little expensive but when you think about the price of treatments from the mall and how much you buy for it NOT to work, you will realise the investment is a good one.

I recently stopped using exposed just so I can see if my acne will come back, I will post back in a few weeks to let you all know if that acne is back or what the case is.

If anyone has good acne treatments or tips for cleaning your face then leave a comment below. Oh, and if you have done DDP Yoga let us know!


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